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I do have immediate openings for daytime and evening appointments. 

I am seeing clients in office in person. I also do video call sessions for those that request it. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.  651-777-6536 or


This is the beginning of creating more inner and outer peace in your life.  Whether you're an adult, couple, or family struggling with the pain of trauma, depression, anxiety, or grief, a parent needing more peace within your family, or a couple needing help with the communication in your relationship, Space for Healing Counseling can offer the tools and compassionate support to help you feel more peace and joy in your life. Peace doesn't mean our lives will be absent of conflict, pain and suffering, it means that we will have a greater ability to cope with these things in a more calm and hopeful way.

My goal is to offer a safe space to support you and help you cope with life's challenges, which can get in the way of your peace and lead to stress in your life. I help people live life to the fullest, by expanding that precious sense of inner peace, deep connection, and fulfillment. 



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My name is Kris Anderson, I am an LAMFT (Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist). I graduated from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota in Minneapolis with my master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and earned my bachelor's degree from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul. 

My passion for this field and helping others started with my own personal therapy experience 12 years ago, when I was struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem that resulted in a binge eating disorder. Through the journey of individual counseling, I learned that my negative beliefs about myself and ignoring my emotions was affecting my ability to move forward in my life. It was also affecting my ability to love myself as I was a people pleaser and more concerned about others. I was able to heal my relationship with food and grow through therapy by finding an inner peace and confidence in myself. I also learned some very valuable tools in setting boundaries and communicating my needs that have helped with my kids and with my family of origin. I've learned that my own self-care matters because I can't give to others what I don't give to myself.  

I can only believe that part of the reason I went through this journey is to help others heal and grow and experience the inner peace that I have found in my own life. That is the reason I opened up my own private practice called Space for Healing Counseling. I will be more than honored to take this therapeutic journey with you in helping you find more inner peace and fulfillment in your life.



Kris Anderson, MA, LAMFT

I am able to see clients in person again.  I will do video call sessions for those that request it. Please contact me to schedule an appointment. I have immediate openings for daytime and evening clients. I look forward to helping you create more balance, fulfillment, and harmony in your life. Please contact me to start your therapeutic journey. Please specify what day and time would be best for you and I will get back to you. For Saturday appointments a minimum booking time of 80 minutes is required.
Hours: Tuesday - Friday Noon - 7:00PM, Saturday available upon request.





3564 Rolling View Drive Suite B White Bear Lake, MN 55110


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